Polyethylene nets

MARMA POLSKIE FOLIE expressing its ecological approach towards the issue of protection against noise, offers technical fabrics and polyethylene nets intended for construction of “Green Wall” acoustic screens.

The polyethylene nets are created by means of technology and components which enable to obtain extraordinary durability and resistance for external factors: UV radiation, among others. The net protects the inner structure of panels, maintaining their parameters.

The fabric for acoustic screens is offered in three standard widths:  1,1 m; 1,6 m; 2,1 m. Thanks to the green colour of the net, the screen gains natural looks, adjusted to the surroundings.

Basic net parameters:

Material: polyethylene

Basis weight: 570 g/m2 ±10%

Length of the net: 20 lm

Width: 0,98 m; 1 m; 1,48 m; 1,5 m; -0/+1% (after launching welding, we can produce net up to 3 m wide, or a combination of the above widths)

Colour: dark green RAL 6009

Mesh size: 10 mm x 10 mm ±10%

UV radiation resistance: 5 years or 10 years

All the parameters (roll length, width, mesh size) can be modified, depending on the customer’s needs.