Tunnel films

Gardening Films 3MA

Thanks to experience, applied procedures of quality control and careful choice of materials, tunnel films consisting of three independently modified and inseparably assembled layers, possess extraordinary mechanical durability and flexibility. Proper choice of raw materials allows to obtain product which constitutes optimal protection for crops and is resistant to weather and degrading influence of UV radiation. Outstanding light permeability allows to obtain proper level of light and its diffusion reduces shadows and protects external parts of plants from burning. A big advantage of 3MATM film is the ability to create accurate microclimate, convenient for earlier blooming, faster growing of plants and increasing crops.

Tunnel films are frequently used for building long-term low and high tunnels. They can also be used for cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers.  

Films are available in 5 colours, indicative of the length of utilization. Each roll has an authentication code in form of perforation.

Horticultural three-layered 3MA film
UV stabilization Width
Colour Lenght of the roll
UV-2 6 33 blue 85
8 33 blue 110
12 33 blue 165
UV-3 12 33 yellow 165
UV-4 6 33 green 85
8 33 green 110
12 33 green 165
16 33 green 165
UV-5 12 33 pink 165
UV-6 12 33 transparent 165

UV stabilized tunnel film *
Thickness mm Lenght m Width m
0,100 mm 120 
0,150 mm 80 
0,200 mm 60 
* Special orders and individual dimensions are possible